Ponte 1948

An unbreakable bond between man and his land, a passion that brings out the fruits of nature. The Ponte wine comes from the love for the tradition of the dedicated and lush vineyards of the Veneto region. Each bottle is a story to tell, each glass is a story to be experienced.

Ponte, uomini e vigne dal 1948.

Our history

A 70-year history
a tradition continuously renewing,
Ponte between past and future.

Ponte wines are easily recognisable by the label, with the "n" that evokes a bridge, the bridge over the Piave river. Ponte represents the link with the territory, where the farmers grow the vines that characterize the Venetian landscape. Ponte join together the best growers, it symbolizes a link between farmers and consumers making the local excellence appreciated all over the world.
From solid roots come the best grapes, this is the secret of Ponte wines.

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