The historic Ponte di Piave winery’s shops are now also online for the Italian market.

Ponte di Piave – July 2020. After huge investments in the reorganization of the offer, in the renewal of the corporate image and in the international promotion, the development path of Viticoltori Ponte continues now on the Italian distribution front, acting on the lever of the owned wine shops by giving them a new online showcase.

Thanks to the agreement recently signed with the Zoona.it platform, the assayers of the renowned labels will therefore be able to choose and buy their favorite wine directly from home.

By typing the address enotecaponte.zoona.it, just like in a real wine shop, it’s quickly and easily possible to make an accurate selection among the many varieties of bottled wine, bag in box, premixed cocktails and spirits, purchasable through online payment and free delivery throughout Italy (islands excluded).

Ponte’s online wine shop was born from the need to offer an alternative to those who cannot, also considering the recent events, reach the store or simply prefer to shorten their times and distances while not giving up the emotional content and warmth of the own trust store.