The call of Mother Nature

April 22, 2020: World Earth Day. While humans are forced at home, the ecosystem is renewed by taking back its spaces. The clear skies delight the swallows, the waters of the ports are repopulated by dolphins, the roe deer and the ducks with offspring run free in the city and Mother Nature purifies itself from the pollution.

The balance changes quickly, reminding us that we are not the masters of the planet and that a healthy coexistence, aimed at collaboration rather than cancellation, of all organisms is the secret to living better.

This concept, translated into the microcosm of the vineyard, inspired and guided Ponte1948 in the creation of the new Organic Extra Dry Prosecco DOC, born with the aim of promoting increasingly sustainable agriculture, friendly to nature and respectful of the environment.

The result is an ethical, genuine, certified wine that protects biodiversity.

It is characterized by the characteristic and delicate hints of apple and pear, enhanced by elegant citrus notes; a good balance between acidity and sweetness on the palate, complemented by the right sapidity, thus offering a real sensorial experience.