Your favorite cocktail in two steps:
uncork and drink!

You are at home, in flip-flops, you dream of a nice fresh and colorful aperitif but you have no desire to go out … Of course you could prepare your favorite cocktail home-made version, but you have to know how to do it, have the right ingredients and tools, not to mention that the alcohol content would perhaps be a little excessive for a “domestic” dimension …
So what, are you giving up? Nooo, Choose!
Choose by Ponte1948 is the ready-made all-Italian drink, good, healthy and easy to drink thanks to the alcohol content of only 5.5% and the useful finned mushroom cap open & close.
You can enjoy it in purity for a light aperitif…
here are some combinations:

An aperitif from the Caribbean, a mojito is served with slices of lime, fresh mint leaves and, of course, ice. The suggested pairing is fish and vegetable-based finger food, served strictly at room temperature, fresh and light.

The most famous ltalian aperitif in the world, ideai served on the rocks with a si ice of orange. Accompanied by tasty finger food, for example fried battered vegetables, croquettes or the crostini topped with charcuterie traditionally served in Venetian ‘bacari’ eateries.

lt can be enjoyed straight on the rocks with just orange peel. Those who prefer it as an aperitif pair it with finger food made with fresh cheeses or cured charcuterie, while an intriguing pairing worth trying is lightly salted meat tartare, accompanied by a little artisan mustard in keeping with the finest ltalian tradition.



…or mix it with stronger spirits if you want to light up after dinner!