Our future lies in biodiversity.

Biodiversity represents the greatest natural resource in agricultural systems, and more than any other it helps reduce the need for man-made chemicals by safeguarding the principal organisms responsible for the natural mitigation of adverse events.

PONTE1948 strongly believes in the importance of biodiversity as an essential element of our habitat, which is why it is committed to further developing the continuous improvement process it has already successfully started, aimed at ensuring the implementation of sustainable winemaking that works in harmony with nature.

The balance of nature can shift quickly, reminding us that we are not masters of the planet and that living in harmony with our environment, working with all natural organisms instead of destroying them, is the secret to a better life.

This concept, applied to the microcosm of the vineyard, inspired the company to develop the new Organic Extra Dry Prosecco Doc, created with the goal of favouring increasingly sustainable agriculture that is respectful of nature and the environment.

The result is an ethical, genuine, certified wine that protects biodiversity.

Ponte has always strived to operate in balance with nature, thanks also to the use of innovative winemaking technologies. The production plant, for example, features a modern photovoltaic system that meets 45% of the company’s total energy requirements.

In addition to this, knowledge of and respect for the various different soils, grape variety selection aimed at valorising the territory, and monitoring of the vineyard ecosystem all constitute the starting point for achieving excellent results while minimizing environmental impact.