What will your Christmas be like?

At last, it’s the most exciting time of the year again, when we all savour precious, unforgettable moments with loved ones as we gather around the table and tuck into fancy appetizers, delicious starters and roasts, the finest fish dishes and exquisite desserts, enjoying this most sociable of seasons.

Sparkling wine will be the star of the party, as always, but which to choose? What unique stamp shall we put on our Christmas? Here are some tips from PONTE1948.

From the splendid DOC winegrowing areas in the province of Venice comes this harmonious, fragrant Pinot Grigio, like a red rose in a bouquet of jasmine. With its straw yellow colour, its unmistakable bouquet of fruity notes of apple and pear evolving into floral aromas, and its delicate, soft, harmonic palate that conjures up the freshness of lychee in symbiosis with the softness of broom, this Pinot Grigio Spumante Brut is a classic choice for Christmas Eve. Excellent as an aperitif, it pairs wonderfully with appetizers, grilled fish dishes, soups and seafood risottos. A versatile wine for all courses. Serving temperature 6-8 °C.

For a sophisticated Christmas, the guest of honour has to be Prosecco Doc Treviso Millesimato Extra Dry characterised by peach and apple notes enhanced by elegant floral hints. It enhances any shellfish and molluscs, and is ideal with vegetable risottos. Perfect with all courses. Serving temperature 6-8 °C.

A seductive, authentic Italian beauty, Prosecco Doc Rosé Millesimato Brut is fresh and pleasantly fruity on the nose, with delicate citron aromas that usher in a symphony of peach and red delicious apple, setting the scene for the complexity of pinot nero, the undisputed star of truly excellent spumantes. Ideal as an aperitif, superb with sushi and sashimi, but also molluscs and fish appetizers. It also lends itself to accompanying vegetable couscous and light Mediterranean risottos. Serving temperature 6-8 °C.

Our future lies in biodiversity. This concept, applied to the microcosm of the vineyard, inspired the company to develop the new Organic Extra Dry Prosecco Doc, created with the goal of favouring increasingly sustainable agriculture that is respectful of nature and the environment. It reveals distinctive, delicate hints of apple and pear enhanced by fine citron notes. On the palate, it offers an excellent balance of acidity and sweetness, rounded off by perfect sapidity, for a veritable multi-sensory experience Served chilled, it is excellent with white grilled meat dishes plus seafood dishes like swordfish tartare or red tuna tagliata with rosemary. Its eclectic nature means it also pairs well with modern gourmet hamburgers. It is a revelation served with sandwiches filled with the finest meats and refined, top quality ingredients. Serving temperature 6-8 °C.