The intuition of the historic Ponte di Piave winery now set to seduce the world.

It was back in 2007 that the Ponte winery set about developing a new type of rosé Prosecco, with all the traditional freshness and versatility, but also greater aromatic complexity and an even more persistent perlage.

The secret was the introduction of 15% of black grapes, Pinot Noir, expertly blended with the remaining percentage of Glera to create the perfect alchemy.

This was the inception of Prosecco Rosé, a totally new variety with surprising organoleptic characteristics. It was immediately clear that this was a product that would be hugely successful worldwide, but its launch with this appellation had to wait several years.

In the meantime many producers voiced an interest in the formula, piling pressure on the request for formal approval of production.

Now the time has finally come, with the product’s Italian debut set for the second half of October, followed a month later by the start of global distribution.

A pioneer in this wonderful adventure, PONTE1948 is proud to present the original Prosecco Doc Rosé, the unique and inimitable progenitor of a new generation in the Prosecco family.

“Prosecco Doc Rosé” states Luigi Vanzella, General Manager of Viticoltori Ponte “is the culmination of the far-sighted, creative vision which has always set our company apart, and which is ideally expressed thanks to the skill, professionalism and group spirit of our entire workforce. Today marks a great milestone for us which makes us proud of what we have achieved and encourages us to always follow great ideas”.