Among the many stars expected in Venice, a new all-Italian bubble, makes its debut on the Red Carpet of the 78th International Film Festival: it’s the very sensual Prosecco Doc Rosé by Ponte1948.

On 1 September 2021 the 78th edition of the Venice International Film Festival will officially open and the city, like every year, will turn into a wonderful stage trodden by the most important international stars.

Among the many personalities loved and acclaimed by the public, a new sparkling wine officially debuts in the world audience, the Prosecco Doc Rosé by Ponte1948, a brand new variety with surprising organoleptic properties that will accompany the illustrious guests and the many visitors of the Italian Pavilion in a real and own exploration of the senses.

Adorned with an elegant and delicate antique pink coat with precious blush-tending reflections, it is fresh and pleasantly fruity, giving delicate citrus notes that are softly expressed in a symphony of peach and delicious red apple. Enveloping, sinuous, it is able to captivate at the first taste. He loves the delicate combinations of the Mediterranean tradition, sushi and sashimi.

A grand debut, the result of a long and beautiful history that dates back to 2007 when Ponte was studying a new type of Prosecco with a rosy color that would keep its freshness and versatility unaltered, but with greater aromatic complexity and a perlage even more persistent.

The secret was the introduction of a 15% black grape blend, Pinot Noir, which skilfully combined with the remaining percentage of Glera gave birth to perfect alchemy.

Today finally, the consecration:

Ladies and Gentlemen, here you are, in all its splendor, Prosecco Doc Rosé, the unique and inimitable progenitor of a new dynasty destined to seduce the world.